This is the old documentation of lombok-pg. The new version can be found in the wiki of the github repository. Take me to the new Version then!

lombok-pg - Features

(documentation pending)
Bad interface design pains you? Well, not anymore!
(documentation pending)
Your fluent interface builder is one annotation away!
Obtain privileges via annotations!
Need enum identifier besides the field name?
Java and static extension methods? Done!
Same sweetness @Setter offers, but allows method chaining.
Higher order functions, closures and monads in Java (documentation pending)
(documentation pending)
Want to support some listeners? Ready?.. Steady?.. Done!
Locking beyond @Synchronized.
Lock Conditions
Transparently re-throw exceptions without having to manually wrap them in code!
(documentation pending)
More documentation than a serious boilerplate buster.
Proper EDT usage made simple.
No more manual NullPointerException testing! (documentation pending)
No need to compromise visiblity due to testabily!
Decent entry-point support. Just implement an interface
(beta) Java and tuple assignment? Done!
(beta) Java and initalizer scope? Done!
(beta) Java and yield return? Done!